Impact of a PSOE-UP Coalition Government on the Spanish Economy

The report analyses the measures that PSOE and UP will be able to actually implement in areas such as labour reform or taxes. It deals also with the risks associated with political-related uncertainty and their mitigation mechanisms, with similar past experiences in neighbouring countries and their impact on markets and economies. We draw conclusions about the foreseeable evolution of the Spanish economy, financial threats and the real estate sector.

Impacto de un gobierno PSOE-Unidas Podemos en la economía española

En el documento analizamos las medidas que PSOE y UP pueden realmente llevar a cabo en ámbitos clave como la reforma laboral o el Salario Mínimo Interprofesional, los impuestos, la experiencia de gobiernos de perfil similar en otros países y su impacto en mercados y en economías, las principales medidas propuestas a nivel sectorial, y el efecto previsible en el crecimiento de la economía española, en sus riesgos financieros y en el sector inmobiliario.

Spain… A Start-Up Nation?

Spain has a considerable upside potential, and we have identified a series of specific, implementable measures that would accelerate the development of its ecosystems of innovation and entrepreneurship in the short and medium term.

España: ¿nación emprendedora?

Tras una profunda reflexión sobre los ecosistemas de innovación exitosos, analizamos con datos qué ha hecho bien y mal España a la hora de generar este tipo de iniciativas, y proponemos alternativas para situar a nuestro país entre los líderes en innovación y financiación tecnológica.

Spain’s Q1’19 GDP: Reasonable and Quality Growth, Greater than It Seems

In the article we publish today, «Spain’s Q1’19 GDP: Reasonable and Quality Growth, Greater than It Seems», we analyse the Spanish GDP figure for the first quarter of 2019, just released by INE. The report assesses the quantity and quality of this growth, its relationship with our forecast and its effect on our projections for the rest of the year. Given the prevailing global economic and local political uncertainty, close monitoring and fine-tuned analysis of the critical macro variables are essential for correctly anticipating potential trend turning-points.