The Phoenix’ Death?

Jun 11th, 2014 | By | Category: Casos

(coautor), IE Business School . Mención de honor, concurso de casos académicos del IE 2008-2009.
The Phoenix case is intended to create discussion on advanced creative accounting techniques and the relationships that these might pose on equity valuation. Furthermore, the case elaborates the complex relationships which exist between personalities, management styles, corporate governance and finally, the appearance of an accounting scandal. The case also provides material for controversy by inserting quotations based on interviews with shareholders and former managers of the company. Ultimately, apart from helping a student to master the art of forensic analysis at an advanced level, it aims to develop discussion from a social and ethical angle of the consequences of unrealistic governance, accounting and valuation, given that they can result in a broad economic crisis and, ultimately, many people losing a job.

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