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The first version of this theme back in January 2008 was inspired by the great magazine style themes of Brian Gardner and Darren Hoyt. I took those elements that I liked the most in every theme and combined them together in one single theme. The different page templates are inspired by Brian Gardners "Revolution" theme, other elements are taken from "Mimbo" by Darren Hoyt. The Tabbed section is created by using jQuery ui.tabs by Klaus Hartl (stilbuero.de).

The Name of the theme was inspired by the famous American jazz sax-player, Branford Marsalis. Although I´m German, I decided to present this theme in english in order to make it available for a greater audience.

If you detect any bugs, please let me know. If you use this theme, please let me also know and make sure the copyright remains as it is.

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Economia Española
El Temple
Finanzas y Contabilidad

Sobre la felicidad y la Desigualdad en España Sobre la felicidad y la Desigualdad en España
Sobre la Felicidad y la Desigualdad en España
Sector Bancos – 2004

Sector bancos 27feb04 – 2004-Buenas expectativas ya descontadas

Desaceleracion de la economia española

Desacelaración de la economía española, Abril__ 2016

Analisis Macroeconomico Sector Inmobiliario

Diez motivos macro para comprar promocion inmobiliaria Seis razones que explican el atractivo del Commercial Real Estate español

The case for Spain III ( English)

The Case for Spain III English

The Case for Spain III – Plus Ultra

The Case for Spain III (español) Referencias en Prensa abc_071214 abc2_071214 elmundo_portada_130215 elmundo_130215 expansion_310315 2014.11.12_ElDía.es 2014.11.12_EuropaPress 2014.11.12_Expansion2 2014.11.12_Expansion3_EuropaPress 2014.11.12_InformativosTele5 2014.11.12_Intereconomia 2014.11.12_Invertia 2014.11.12_LaVanguardia 2014.11.12_Teinteresa 2014.11.12_YahooFinanzas 2014.11.13_EL
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The Case for Spain III – Plus Ultra

The Case for Spain III (español)

Creative Accounting Exposed Creative Accounting Exposed

/>Worldcom, Enron, Parmalat…a succession of financial scandals have made front page news throughout the world in recent times. In this book, the author investigates the origin of creative accounting and explains how and why some companies use these shortcuts to cover different needs. Creative Accounting Exposed is written in a clear, enjoyable style with a
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